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    ACTIVE is the only rotor system supplier that passes the safety authentication of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SEMI-S2, 2007). (The standard meets SEMI S2/S8/S10 and EN 60204-1_2006). Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International. An increasing number of countries in the world have requested semiconductor manufacturers to meet the safety standard of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International. Buyers demand that semiconductor facilities must meet the safety evaluation of a justified third party organization with SEMI international standard, to ensure that the global semiconductor industry follow the universal safety standard. Through a long-term demand for our quality assurance, we have acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications for the following aspects. In 2007, we even obtained the OHSAS18001 certification based on our consideration and demand for the safety of our staff and workplace.

    • Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of air pollution control facilities
    • automated materials delivery system installation and maintenance in manufacturing equipments.