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Carbon Tower

System Description

ACTIVE offers rugged single and dual bed carbon adsorber towers. Designed to control a variety of nuisance odors ,VOCs and acid/alk. gas associated with wastewater treatment, oil refining, pulp and paper manufacturing and many other processes, these sturdy vessels remove odor-causing components and VOCs, etc.through activated carbon adsorption.
In addition to offering the most diverse line of activated carbon and scrubbing odor control systems available, ACTIVE problem-solving approach includes supply, service and maintenance for all your system needs. Just contact your ACTIVE representative.

Carbon Tower

ACTIVE carbon tower are easily installed and maintained. Single-bed units are utilized for flow rates up to 340 CMM, while the dual-bed units are available for higher capacities up to 700 CMM.
Our standard units are fabricated from high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials. Options are

  • SS400,SUS304,SUS316 Steel
  • FRP, include Fire-retardant(option)