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Environmental System

Regenerative Thermal (Catalytic) Oxidizer


  • Unique Oxidizer system supplier with ISO9001&14001,OHSAS18001 and SEMI-S2 certification.
  • Excellent R&D group have numbers of design patents about oxidizer and energy-saving.
  • Skid-mounted design.
  • Up to 8:1 system turn-down ratio for airflow  volume.
  • Base & precious metal catalyst available.
  • ACTIVE unique ceramic matrix can endure more particulate loading than general heat recovery media.
  • Highly operating and system integration experience for supply oxidizer ,fan , gas train(FM/UL/ IRI), ductwork, stack and control.
  • Highly-experienced design team provide assessment services of safety(ex. L.E.L), function, system pressure balance, seismic restraints( 0.5G ), operating cost ,etc.
  • Standard 6 interlocks for system safety, like oxidizer air pressure, oxidizer and combustion fan& flame status, fuel pressure, high systems temperature.
  • Supply custom-design for different VOC exhaust industry.
  • Automatic system monitoring, easy operation like one-button start. Man-machine interface touch panel could completely monitor important  operating parameters.
  • Turnkey service for installation, start-up, regulation-compliance test ,operation and  maintenance training.